Saturday, May 11, 2024

Massapequa Preserve

 Went into the preserve by Pittsburgh Ave and heard a White Eyed Vireo continuously calling - got to eventually see as well as a Common Yellowthroat.

Monday, April 29, 2024

today from my house in Massapequa

 WFH today...apprently was a big migration overnight - other birders saying Jones Beach "birdy" etc.  I have my windows open and hearing all sorts of birds including several Baltimore Orioles and guessing Parulas in the area, but not able to get outside to check/ see them.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Jones Coast Guard/ West End, Lido Preserve/ Nickerson

 I went out early in the morning to see if I could refind the continuing Summer Tanager at Jones West End/ Coast Guard - I didn't but saw what I believe was a continuing Indigo Bunting that was occasionally singing in the hedgerow.  No shorebirds on the sandbar.  I went over to Lido hoping to see my FOS Glossy Ibis, but saw my FOS Snowy Egret, also heard a Clapper Rail sounding off in the marsh as well as some Terns - not sure which type.  I stopped by Nickerson and saw my FOS Willetts in the flooded area on the beach as well as what I assume are the Common Terns that come back every summer to Nickerson.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Massapequa/ Massapequa Preserve

 I had some time before work so went to the present for a while - went to my local birding "patch" by the Pittsburgh Ave entrance.  I was tired but heard an odd bird singing outside that motivated me getting outside even though it was chilly out.  Found the bird right away that turned out to be a House Wren checking out my 2 bird houses and feeder.  Hopefully it makes a home in one of them.

At the preserve I heard then eventually saw my FOS Yellow Warblers.  Also heard a Towhee and saw my FOS Catbird.  There was a swan on the pond that relentlessly chased down a Canada Goose - another Canada Goose also joined in picking on the goose - not nice.

When I got home, I heard and saw a Kingfisher fly over my house - might be a yard bird first, have to check a list I keep (if I can find it).


 I was planning on going birding to Jones Beach or somewhere like that before work, but was tired so delayed a bit.  I finally decided to get out and go to the preserve for a while since it was a bright sunny morning - not too much to report, saw some RedWinged Balckbirds squabbling - I assume over territory.  Also saw 2 Yellow Warblers  - one seemed to follow the other around.  The most notable "sighting" was hearing 1 or 2 Killdeer in the area - I've seen them nest at nearby Lockhart Elementary School (eggs on the roof)  I'm assuming they come back every year.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Summer Tanager Jones Beach/ Blue Grosbeak NYC

 There were reports of a Summer Tanager at Jones Beach West End the previous day so I drove over to try my luck and was able to find it very easily in the median.

There was a continuing Blue Grosbeak around 6th St/ 2nd Ave in NYC.  I had my camera and got a couple of photos of it after work.  The story was that there was a dead female bird presumably it's mate that collided into a window and died and the male stuck around for a while. Feel sorry for the guy bird who was missing his "wife".

Monday, April 22, 2024

Lazuli Bunting in Flanders

 There were reports of a continuing Lazuli Bunting at someone's feeders in Flanders/ Riverhead.  The owners and surrounding neighbor's were very welcoming/ tolerant of all the other birders that came to see it.  I'm glad I got to see it when I did because it was gone the next day.  Lifer for me.  The bird would appear every 20-30 minutes and go behind another neighbor's house.  A female Rose Breasted Grosbeak also visited the feeder.