Monday, June 22, 2015

Nickerson Beach x2, Lido Beach Preserve, Jones Beach West End, Captree Island, Cupsogue

I tried Nickerson and Cupsogue hoping to find Roseate or Black Terns but came up empty.  My consolation sightings were better views of the White Faced Ibis at Captree and baby Common Terns at Nickerson.

Black Skimmers and Common Terns
Common Tern dive-bombing Black Skimmers
Common Tern dive-bombing Black Skimmers
White Faced Ibis
Great Egret
Common Terns (first summer in foreground)
Black Skimmer/ Common Tern colony
Black Skimmer
Common Terns
Common Terns, Black Skimmers

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Captree Island: White Faced Ibis

I saw reports of a White Faced Ibis so I headed over to Captree Island - at first the Ibis was laying low, but then gave some good views before taking off.

White Faced Ibis

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nickerson Beach, Lido Beach Preserve, Jones Beach Coast Guard, Oceanside MNSA

I went to Nickerson and Jones Beach West End right after sunrise and before sunset.  I was hoping to catch a recent Black Tern at Nickerson but no luck.  Consolation were all the Black Skimmers, and a Glossy Ibis and Yellowlegs at the pond by the parking lot.  Usual suspects everywhere else, but a Saltmarsh Sparrow was nice to see at Oceanside.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Jones Beach West End, Shirley Marina: Black Necked Stilt, Little Blue Herons

After seeing reports of a Black Necked Stilt I headed over to Shirley Marina where I able to briefly view the bird before it disappeared. (lifer) I wasn't able to get a photo until I returned later before sunset when the Black Necked Stilt was out and active.  Also seen were my "lifer" Little Blue Herons - I've seen them before but not in actual blue plumage, but saw 2 full blue ones in the marsh.  Also saw a Saltmarsh Sparrow by the parking lot.

Black Necked Stilt
Black Necked Stilt
Little Blue Heron

Jones Beach West End, Tobay Beach

Saw 5 Ospreys in the turnaround spot going from West End to Meadowbrook - each may have had a fish.  Nothing out of the ordinary at the Coast Guard sandbar.  Later on the way to Salsa Shack : )  I saw a male Northern Harrier along the dune.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bryant Park, NYC - Sparrows

Saw a Lincoln's (continuing), Swamp and White Throated Sparrows this morning - normally I don't get excited but these were quite stunning (as far as sparrows are concerned).