Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Massapequa Preserve, Nissequogue River State Park

I went to Massapequa Preserve early in the morning - highlights were 2 Black and White Warblers, and a continuing Muscovy.  I went with Snouty to look for a reported Franklin's Gull the day before at the south shore beach lots but only saw Laughing Gulls.  We went to Nissequogue to look for Otters - didn't see them but found Northern Waterthrush, Wood Pewees and another empid that we couldn't ID - possibly a Wood Pewee but had a light colored chest.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Avalon Park and Preserve, EPCAL

I went back to Avalon to look for Indigo Buntings and Hummingbird Moths - I didn't see the moths, but did see a pair of Indigo Buntings.  I checked out EPCAL and the surrounding areas - highlights were ~6 Indigo Buntings, Wood Pewee, Red Tailed Hawk, Turkey Vulture, Great Crested Flycatchers, 1 Grasshopper Sparrow, House Wrens, Chipping Sparrows and fairly sure I saw a Blue Gray Gnatcatcher and a Pine Warbler.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Avalon Park and Preserve, Stony Brook, Caleb Smith, Blydenburgh Preserve

Went to Avalon - highlights were 7 young Ring Necked Pheasants, a group of Orioles (Baltimore), and a singing Blue Winged Warbler.  Stopped by Caleb Smith and Blydenburgh - highlight was a Louisiana Waterthrush!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area

I went to "J-Bay" to look for a reported Acadian Flycatcher but didn't have any luck...I didn't have much luck with shorebirds either - highlights were lots of egrets, a Green Heron and ~6 Hummingbirds on the west side.  This was the first time I've visited since the breach on the west side pond had been fixed.  I went to Oceanside mostly to look for a continuing reported Snow Goose, but didn't see it - highlight was seeing several Saltmarsh Sparrows.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Scalzi Riverwalk, CT: King Rail

There were reports of a continuing King Rail near Stamford so I took a chance with Snouty to go try and see it.  At first it seemed doubtful we would find it and we saw an entertaining Green Heron up close that kept our spirits up.  Long story short, we got the King Rail by working as a team and I yelled over to Snouty when I first spotted the bird creeping through the "brush" near the stream.  It came out in the open briefly before hiding in the weeds again.  Later reports suggested the King Rail was molting perhaps explaining why it was in such an odd location.  Also saw a nice looking Great Egret, Grackles, Swifts and Goldfinches.  A Red Tailed Hawk was overhead calling.  (Lifer #349 for continental USA)
King Rail
King Rail
King Rail
Green Heron
Green Heron (was going for an "artsy" photo)

Richard DeKorte Preserve, NJ

I visited Richard DeKorte Preserve/ Discovery Trail last year with Snouty where I got my lifer Least Bitterns, but wasn't able to get photos.  I got them this time - the birds were much more cooperative this time, perhaps because the tide was lower.  Also seen were many Marsh Wrens, Forster's and Least Terns, Lesser Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers, Great Egret and Ruddy Ducks including one male in "ruddy" plumage.

Least Bittern
Least Bittern
Least Sandpiper
Marsh Wren

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cupsogue County Park: Sandwich Tern

...perhaps I'm desperate to add to my lifer list but I had an opportunity to get out for a while so I took advantage of it...I had the choice of going to Prospect Park to see a nesting Acadian Flycatcher vs. a previous days report of a Sandwich Tern hanging around Cupsogue for a couple of days.  I really don't enjoy the drive/ trip to Prospect Park so I opted to go to Cupsogue thinking I might even see a black Black Tern.  My choice was enlightened with another birder's report that the Sandwich Tern was seen again that day...great.  I arrived with Snouty trying to find the tern in it's previously reported spot with no luck.  We saw some others birders on the sandbar/ island and determined it was Arie who Snouty called.  He had the tern in view but we could not see it from our vantage point.  A wonderful gentleman with a boat named Matt came over and picked us up and took us to the sandbar where I was able to view the tern with other birder's scopes and my own bins.  I didn't get a photo but got a good but distant view of the tern.  Special thanks to Matt.  I often miss out finding reported birds but this was one occasion where it seems the stars were aligned in my favor and I was just meant to see this bird.