Friday, November 10, 2017

Jones Beach West End

There was a post of a Northern Shrike on LI Wildlife Thursday from around the swale by JB WE 2.  I took a chance and try to find it but if it was there, the strong continuous north winds kept it hiding.  Highlight were Gannets and a pair of Pintails on the swale.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

RIP Crakie : (

Sad news this morning - the Corn Crake was found dead early today.  I offered to bring it to Paul Sweet at the Museum of Natural History but a rep had already been sent to pick it up.  Study confirmed it was indeed hit by a car, a young male, and slightly underweight.  Great bird, RIP Crakie.

RIP Crakie

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Corn Crake Part 2

I went back to see the Corn Crake again but got a report that a Say's Phoebe was seen at nearby Heckscher Park - I tried looking for it but didn't have any luck (it was seen once and not relocated)  I did see 2 of the Hud Godwits who have been there a while now.  I stopped by the Corn Crake spot on the way back and got to see him again.  I think some of the birders were from Connecticut.

Corn Crake

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ocean Parkway: Corn Crake

I went to Heckscher Park this morning with my kids to show them the Hudsonian Godwits and possibly the Long Billed Dowitcher and Golden Plovers but when we got to Field 7 most of the puddles in the lot had dried up.  I looked around and noticed a Godwit on the shoreline (of the bay) but as we got out of the car, 2 photographers? walked up to it and scared it away.  On the "plus side", we got to hear it (distress call) and it flew over our heads. 

Later on, I saw a "this is not a joke" post by Suzy Feustel that a Corn Crake was found by her and Ken on Ocean Parkway by Cedar Beach.  With some negotiating my kids obliged me with another outing and we got over there ASAP.  I saw the bird from a distance but wanted to get a better look and let my kids see it also.  Being spoiled with close looks of the recent Hudsonian Godwits, I made the mistake of driving up to the Corn Crake perhaps so my kids could get a look.  My daughter saw it but not my son...after a little bit the Corn Crake went into the shrubs.  Luckily it came out later and was obliging to other birders (whew!)  This was a great bird to see and I'm thankful for the Feustels for finding and reporting it.

Corn Crake

Friday, November 3, 2017

Heckscher State Park

There have been reports of 3 Hudsonian Godwits at Heckscher State Park - I checked one day with Snouty and only found one, then went the day after and saw 2.  (he had seen the third one before I arrived)  Also present were the continuing Long Billed Dowitcher and Golden Plover and a Pectoral Sandpiper that I did not see.  The Godwits were in bad shape, the adult has a problem with it's foot, and one of the 2 juveniles has tumors on it's face and leg.

Long Billed Dowitcher, Hudsonian Godwit
Golden Plover
TWO! Hudsonian Godwits

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Cold Spring Harbor

I wanted to try somewhere different so went to the north shore - saw a Kingfisher and immature Bald Eagle fly over St John's Pond.  I later saw the Bald Eagle further out of the harbor circling around.  I saw a goose that I initially thought might be a hybrid but turned out to be some domestic mix.

Bald Eagle
domestic goose
domestic goose

Sunday, October 29, 2017

South Shore Long Island

It was stormy today so figured try and do a seawatch and check the parking lots.  At Jones and Robert Moses there were some Lesser Black Backed Gulls, most were seen at Jones Filed 2.  Seawatch at Jones Field 6 and Robert Moses produced a good amount of Gannets close to shore and hundreds of scoters.  All heading east to west.  I chased a report and refound a Golden Plover and Long Billed Dowitcher at Heckscher Field 7 as well as a handful of fly by Royal Terns.