Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Eastport, Dune Road, Montauk

I saw recent reports of a Ross's Goose in Eastport and Ash Throated Flycatcher in Montauk - I tried thinking I would get 2 easy lifers but didn't find them.  My consolation was finally a decent look and photo of my "nemesis bird" from last winter - an American Bittern.  I saw one last year but only for a second.  There was lots of action off Montauk Point and Gosman's Dock - lots of Scoters, gulls, both loons and some Gannets.  On several occasions the gulls mobbed the loons who were catching fish - the gulls also were diving into the water for fish.  Only other bird that stood out was a Bonaparte Gull by Gosman's.

Ring Necked Pheasants
American Bittern
American Bittern
Gulls and Loons
Scoters and Eiders
Bonaparte Gull

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