Thursday, June 16, 2016

EPCAL, Avalon Park Preserve, Seatuck, Robert Moses State Park

I took a trip east with my birding buddy Mike to EPCAL - his target bird was a male Blue Grosbeak, mine was a good look at aa Grasshopper Sparrow - we first tried the spot across from the runway and did see quick glimpses of Grasshopper Sparrows (heard also).  We then parked at J&R's Steakhouse and took the trail across the street.  We saw a good amount of Indigo buntings along the way, Baltimore Orioles, Eastern Kingbirds, Swallows and right before leaving we saw a pair of Blue Grosbeaks.

We then drove to Avalon for our target bird Northern Bobwhite - I figured at the very least it was worth a visit since Mike had never been there.  We didn't see any Bobwhites, but did see an Orchard Oriole fly by, the nesting Comorants and a Black Crowned Night Heron down a small turtle

I stopped by Seatuck to try my luck for Bobwhites  -I found about 50 chicks but they were in a cage - I guess waiting to be released so I can't count those.  A quick drive down by Robert Moses was rewarded with a nie view of a Barn Swallow.

Blue Grosbeak
Black Crowned Night Heron
Bobwhites (captive)
Barn Swallow
Blue Grosbeak pair

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