Friday, October 7, 2016

Fuchs Pond, Gardiners County Park, Massapequa Preserve, Mill Pond, Jones Beach West End

I first checked out the pond by the Chalet motel in Centerport - highlights were Gadwall, Night Herons, Green Wing Teal and a likely Pintail.  I went to Fuchs Pond for a reported Yellow Bellied Flycatcher but came up empty - instead saw lots of Blackpolls, Kingfishers, Kinglets, and Red Eyed Vireos.  Next, I went to Gardiners County Park for reported Nelson's Sparrows and also struck out but did see a Pipit on the beach.  Massapequa Preserve was quiet but did see a Swamp Sparrow.  Things started to perk up when I got to Mill Pond in Bellmore - lots of Blackpolls, a few Yellow Rumps, Parula, and Black Throated Blues were on the edge of the lake.

At the Jones Beach Coast Guard I was hoping for an interesting shorebird like a godwit but the only highlight was a banded Oystercatcher.  I carefully walked around the hedgerow where I found a Black Throated Blue, my FOS Junco, a yellow Palm Warbler, and a brown Blue Grosbeak among he sparrow flock.

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