Thursday, April 17, 2014

Massapequa Preserve

I stopped by the preserve today shortly after sunrise - Robins, Goldfinches, Cardinals, Red-winged Blackbirds, Song and White Throated Sparrows, and Carolina Wrens were all singing.  I stopped by and saw the red morph Screech Owl.  A Kingfisher was flying along the stream - it stopped in front of the Screech Owl - I tried to get a photo of both, but the Kingfisher didn't stay in one spot long enough.

Screech Owl


Carolina Wren

Common Grackle

Great Egret

Brown Headed Cowbird



  1. Hi Robert, when was the last time you saw the Gray owl? I've been there a few times and have only seen the red. I hope it is ok!

  2. Hi Kathie, I was thinking that too - it's been a while since I saw it too - I'll try to check more often and let you know if I see it - hope it's OK too...I've seen some photographers crossing the stream and were practically under the nest - I hope that sort of thing didn't scare it off

  3. Hi Robert, Last time I saw the gray owl there was a man and a woman right under the nest, I took a picture of them and they saw that I did. I don't know what makes people think that it is ok to harass the wildlife. Do they not know better? Anyway, I hope it comes back!

    1. Hi Kathie, I'm pleased to let you know another birder told me the grey one is back in the main nest and the red one in the other!