Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jones Beach West End, Wantagh Park, Tackapausha, Massapequa Preserve

I spent a decent amount of time looking through the pine trees for owls (particularly the Long Eared and hopefully a lifer Saw Whet) but came up empty.  I did see a Peregrine Falcon on the dunes looking up at passing songbirds eventually going after a few ducks - a few Northern Harriers were also present.  By the Coast Guard area I saw my FOS Piping Plovers - there were 16 on the Coast Guard Station sandbar.  A few Northern Shovelers were nearby which seemed odd since I rarely see them in marine water.

When leaving the Jones Beach West End, I saw another raptor but couldn't positively ID it - it was moving fast and trying to take a picture while driving isn't always easy  : )   - the few photos I got were good enough for a positive ID of a Red Shouldered Hawk - a lifer for me! 

Not much going on at Wantagh Park, but there were a lot of Brant and an Oystercatcher.

Tackapausha had a few noisy Redwing Blackbirds and a distant Red Tailed Hawk.

I checked out the Brady Park Pond and saw 1 or 2 Double Crested Comorants.

Piping Plover
Piping Plover
Peregrine Falcon
Red Shouldered Hawk - lifer!
Mute Swan, Brant
Red Tailed Hawk

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