Thursday, September 24, 2015

Robert Moses, Jones Beach West End: Dickcissel

I started the day looking for a continuing reported Dickcissel at Robert Moses, but didn't have any luck - there were however, a good number of Phoebes, Flickers and Song Sparrows.  Leaving Fire Island, I saw a large flock of terns in the bay.

I headed over to Jones Beach West End where there wasn't many shorebirds on the sandbar - there was at least some diversity including Oystercatchers, Black Skimmers, Black Bellied Plover, Semi Palmated Plover, Piping Plover, and Sanderlings.  A few Merlins were around also.  Most of the shorebirds seemed to be on the other side of the bay heading towards Point Lookout but were too far to ID except for a good sized flock of Great Egrets.  The ponds on the dunes were empty.

Right after leaving I saw a report of a Dickcissel by the Fisherman's path so I went back in the afternoon and was able to find it since other birders were on it.(lifer)   On the sandbar, some more Black Skimmers had arrived as well as 2 FOS Common Eiders.

Black Skimmers
Black Bellied Plover
Great Egrets
Common Eider
Semi Palmated and Piping Plovers

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