Friday, November 13, 2015


A very interesting day.

Started the day at Massapequa Preserve - highlights was the Screech Owl, Cedar Waxwings and 3? Eastern Bluebirds.  A larger hawk (Cooper's?) and a Merlin were also around.  I then went looking for rare waterfowl especially Cackling Geese in Farmingdale and Belmont Lake, but didn't find anything noteworthy.  I headed over to Santapogue Creek and Venetian Shores in Lindenhurst to look for recently reported Long Billed Dowitchers and lingering Black Skimmers.  After a search down the creek I found a Green Winged Teal and eventually found the Long Billed Dowitchers among a large group of Yellowlegs.  I also found the (juvenile) Black Skimmers but the highlight was a lifer juvenile Franklin's Gulll ponted out by another birder.  Little did I know it would be one of 5 lifer Franklin's Gulls for me that day - 2 more at Captree (intentionally flushed by another birder), and another 2 at Robert Moses.  The strong western winds brought these birds to Long Island and as far as I know, they were only seen today.

Other stops included Jones Beach West End, John F Kennedy Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary/ Tobay, Sunken Meadow, "Chalet Pond" Centerport, and Caumsett State Park.

the "grey one" is back
Greater Yellowlegs, Long Billed Dowitchers
Franklin's Gull, Black Skimmer
Franklin's Gull
Horned Larks, Black Bellied Plover
Franklin's Gull
Franklin's Gull
Horned Larks
American Robins
mostly Canada Geese, a few Bufflehead

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