Monday, March 7, 2016

Oak Beach, Jones Beach, Sunken Meadow, Massapequa Preserve, EPCAL

There were reports of an Eared Grebe off Oak Beach in the bay - long story short, despite a lot of effort, I was unable to find it.  At Jones Beach Field 10 saw my FOS Oystercatchers as well as 2 more by the Coast Guard Station.  At the West End 2 lot I found a Kumlien's Iceland Gull in the West End 2 lot and a Bonaparte Gull over the bay.  In the dunes I found 2 Ipswich Savannah Sparrows.  Highlights at Massapequa Preserve was a "Golden Mallard" and Ruby Crowned Kinglet.  On the way to Sunken Meadow I saw 1 or 2 Common Ravens.  Some of the other birds I saw during the day were: Common Goldeneye, Surf Scoter, Horned Grebe, Buffleheads, Red Breasted Merganser, Black Scoter, Grackles, Red Winged Blackbirds, Pintail, Wood Duck, Eastern Screech Owl, Tree Sparrows, Long Tailed Ducks and Black Bellied Plover.

  On the way to EPCAL I saw a juvenile Bald Eagle over a sod field.  At EPCAL, I saw a Kestrel chasing a Red Tailed Hawk, Harriers, Bluebirds, a Field Sparrow and 2 Short Eared Owls.

Field Sparrow
Savannah "Ipswich" Sparrows
Golden Mallard
Iceland Gull (Kumlien's)
Short Eared Owl

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