Thursday, March 31, 2016

Setauket, Avalon Park, Stony Brook

I tried finding Bobwhites that were seen in Easport but all I found was a Kingfisher.  It seemed like today was a total loss so I went up to Mill Pond, Setauket to see a reported Eurasian Teal that had been there for a while - was worth it since I got close up looks at it - the only other time I saw one was at Centerport and was from a good distance away.  Since I was bent on finding Bobwhites I went to Avalon Preserve - didn't find any but I enjoyed the location a lot.  I was surprised to find roosting Comorants, 7 Wood Ducks, and a leucistic Robin.

Eurasian Teal
Green Winged Teal
Leucistic Robin

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