Sunday, July 10, 2016

Edwin B Forsythe Refuge, New Jersey: Red Necked Phalarope

I saw reports for a while of a continuing Red Necked Phalarope in New Jersey - I had the chance to take a day trip so figured I would go to NJ instead of back to the Adirondacks mostly because I didn't want to make the 6 hour trip again.  Upon arriving I was stunned at the size of the location - it was very impressive to say the least.  Almost immediately I saw a Whimbrel, followed by a Caspian Tern, Gull Billed Terns,  a pair of cooperative Clapper Rails, and lots of Forster's Terns.  I drove around the refuge and found another birder who had the Red Necked Phalarope in his sights. I got great views of a great lifer!  Also saw Short Billed Dowitchers and a Stilt Sandpiper.

Red Necked Phalarope
Short Billed Dowitchers, Red Necked Phalarope
Clapper Rails
Stilt Sandpiper, Red Necked Phalarope

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