Friday, December 2, 2016

Jones Beach West End, Massapequa

Yesterday I drove to Jones Beach West End where nothing was going on so I headed over to Massapequa Preserve and was also there today.  I tried locating the previously reported Orange Crowned Warbler but did not find it this time.  Massapequa had the usual suspects for this time of year as well as an additional Wood Duck to the group of ducks that hang out by Clark Street.  I was happy to see at least the Grey Screech Owl was back and saw a Cooper's? and Red Tailed Hawk?.  I also saw a Cooper's Hawk fly by my house.  I was surprised to see a few Catbirds as well as a Towhee  - not sure if it's expected this time of year.

Northern Pintail
Eastern Screech Owl
"Woody Jr."(adopted)

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