Friday, March 28, 2014

Jones Beach West End, Oceanside, Muttontown, Cold Spring Harbor, Massapequa Preserve

Jones Beach West End was full of birds yesterday morning: besides the usual suspects I saw a Tree Sparrow, 2 large groups of Tree Swallows (~40) - one group was on the West End 2 lot.   At the Coast Guard Station, saw 5 Horned Grebes – one was in almost full breeding plumage and a pair of Buffleheads.  On the sandbar, saw one Piping Plover, ~50 Black Bellied Plover as well as Dunlin and Sanderlings.  I tried with another birder, Stan, to find the Meadowlarks and Shrike, but no luck.

At the Oceanside Marine Study Area, my target bird was the Clapper Rail, but couldn’t locate any – I did see a Yellowlegs and the Osprey is back on the platform.

At St John’s Pond, I saw the previously reported pair of Redheads and a group of Ring Necked Ducks.

Muttontown Preserve and the Uplands Farm Sanctuary in Cold Spring Harbor were both eerily quiet – At Muttontown Preserve, I literally saw 4 birds: 2 Robins, a Starling and a Flicker so I drove back South to Massapequa Preserve which had a lot more action.   I gave a couple of tries for the Snipe, but it must’ve been hiding (per usual). There were Green Winged Teal and Hooded Mergansers on the pond that is parallel to Doris Place.  A few photographers and birders were checking out a couple of well known preserve residents.  Around that area, saw a Winter Wren and a Merlin perched overhead, but couldn’t get a great photo – a group of Wigeons touched down by the sports field for a drink at their puddle.  Before sunset, a huge mixed flock of Redwinged Blackbirds and Common Grackles arrived by the sports fields.

Tree Swallows - Jones Beach West End 2

Horned Grebe - Jones Beach Coast Guard Marina

Black Bellied Plover - Jones Beach Coast Guard sandbar

Canada Goose, Oceanside Marine Study Area

Canada Goose - tagged, Oceanside Marine Study Area

Redhead - pair, St. John's Pond

Mallard  - domestic?, Massapequa Preserve

Eastern Screech Owl - grey morph, Massapequa Preserve

Eastern Screech Owl - red morph, Massapequa Preserve

Eastern Screech Owl - red morph, Massapequa Preserve

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