Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jones Beach West End, Lido Beach Preserve

Usually when I have time for birding besides the local Massapequa Preserve I head over to the Jones Beach Coast Guard Marina with the hopes of finding something unusual - I stopped by the other day and found the continuing female Greater Scaup along with two Common Loons (assuming female)  Walking around towards the sandbar I saw a few Black Skimmers, Short Billed Dowitchers and some sandpipers - not 100% of the ID but nothing rare.  Saw a Spotted Sandpiper which I'm speculating returns every year.  The recent usuals were there: Laughing Gulls, Common and Least terns.  As per the "new usual" I saw a Glossy Ibis flyover.

I decided to try my luck at Lido Beach Preserve since I've only briefly stopped there on just a few occasions - I saw some trails that lead out by the marsh so that sparked my interest. My target bird was a Little Blue Heron, but didn't see any - instead saw Great and Snowy Egrets, 4 Glossy Ibis - one immature, Least Sandpipers laying low in the fallen reeds, nesting Osprey and Willets.  Red Winged Blackbirds and Boat Winged Grackles were flying around and landing throughout the marsh.  Was nice to visit a "new" area but a word of caution - watch for ticks.

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