Friday, July 25, 2014

recent sightings from Massapequa, Jones Beach Coast Guard Station, Massapequa Preserve

I didn't have my Canon camera on these occasions but wanted to note a few recent sightings especially with the recent reports of shorebirds not being seen in great numbers:  over the weekend I saw 3 Monk Parakeets fly over my yard (they were quite vocal).  On Wednesday I stopped at the Jones Beach Coast Guard Station - only additions were Ruddy Turnstones by the Coast Guard Station (on the pilings), Sanderlings sporting reddish heads, and 2 additional Common Loons (total 4). 

At the pond by the LIRR at Massapequa Preserve I saw a few Eastern Kingbirds, and adult Redwing Blackbirds feeding their young.  I checked on the Screech Owls on the north side of the preserve but could not find them - at the dirt field I spooked a peep into flight - it circled around a few times - I believe it was a Spotted Sandpiper.

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