Saturday, September 20, 2014

Jones Beach West End

I'm always drawn to the Jones Beach Coast Guard Marina as one of my favorite birding spots - on the weekends during the nicer weather, I try to get there early in the morning - usually by mid-day. There's a bunch of boaters who use the sandbar as their "vacation destination" and chase the shorebirds away.  With the recent sightings I thought it would be worthwhile to check it out again.  In addition to the continuing Marbled Godwit, I saw a large flock of Sanderlings (200+), continuing Red Knots, Oystercatchers (one tagged), some Short Billed Dowitchers, and a Dunlin and Semi Palmated Sandpiper in the mix.  A Peregrine Falcon invited itself to breakfast and picked out a tern for the main course. A Black Scoter and a Common Loon were also seen.

north side of the sandbar - always worth a look
Red Knot, Short Billed Dowitcher
Marbled Godwit, Oystercatchers (one tagged)
Peregrine Falcon with tern

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