Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bryant Park, NYC

I figured I should provide a list of what I saw today at Bryant Park (1:00-2:00pm today):
Lots of Common Yellowthroats and Catbirds scattered about, House Wren by the SE "begonia patch", Brown Thrasher and a Northern Waterthrush SW corner, Swainson's Thrush by the birdbath (had to re-review iphones photos to confirm ID).  The  coolest thing was a partially leucistic House Sparrow in the SW area by that bar place.  Not sure if same as the one reported earlier in the year.

I tried the front of the library for the recently reported injured Black Throat Green Warbler, but no luck - difficult to get a good look unless you snoop around the bushes.

I went back around 6pm on the way home - mostly female and a few male Common Yellowthroats.

Swainson's Thrush

partial leucistic House Sparrow

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