Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bryant Park, NYC

Along with all the excitement of Mourning and Connecticut Warblers in the city, and a Northern Wheatear at Plum Beach, Brooklyn, I also saw a post today about Bryant Park which included a Grey Cheeked Thrush.  Since I recently saw a lifer Swainson's Thrush, I decided to try my luck - I wasn't disappointed and found the Grey Cheeked Thrush during lunch as well as Common Yellowthroats, Ovenbirds, Catbirds, White Throated Sparrows (tan morph) and a Northern Waterthrush.  Sadly, the lawn is being torn up so either that will scare the birds away or just force them to stay among the flower beds and shrubs around the park.

Grey Cheeked Thrush

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