Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Avon Lake, Amityville: Ross's Goose

So the wild goose chase is over for now (there was report of a Pink Footed Goose yesterday) but I was able to find my target bird for 2016 already and a bird I missed in 2015.  The details are being witheld for now, but I found out about the Ross' Goose from a post on Long Island Wildlife.  I couldn't take a day off from work so chose to look for it at night in the freezing cold.  I finally located it among some Canada Geese where it was contently preening itself.  The bird was still present on the pond when I left.  After walking around the pond I startled some ducks so I got back in my car and was able to find the goose - I suppose a car isn't as threatening as a 2 legged "predator".

Ross's Goose (photo enhanced)

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