Friday, April 29, 2016

Central Park, Part 2

Yesterday, a Swainson's Warbler was reported in Strawberry Fields in Central Park - assuming it would stick around another day I headed over with fellow birder Mike Zito to try to find this uncommon lifer.  I got down on the ground looking for it in the barberry shrubs where it had been but it just wasn't there today.
We walked around the Ramble and got some decent consolation prizes.  Today was a 14 warbler kind of day - saw the female Cape May again, Blue Winged, Northern Waterthrush, Ovenbird, Palm, Yellow, Northern Parula,  Blackburnian, Nashville, Yellow Rumped, Black and White, Chestnut FOS for me was a Black Throated Blue and a Prairie Warbler.  I got another opportunity to see a Yellow Throated Vireo, as well as Warbling, Blue Headed and a singing White Eyed Vireo.  Also saw my FOS Eastern Kingbird.  One of the nicest surprises was a almost completely blue plumaged Indigo Bunting.

Chestnut Sided Warbler
Northern Parula
Northern Waterthrush
Indigo Bunting
Nashville Warbler

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