Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hendrickson Lake, Valley Stream, Massapequa Lake

There have been reports of a Pink Footed Goose in Valley Stream so I decided I should check it out - while not a lifer (I saw my first in January) I figured I could get some better photos and that such a rarity deserved a visit.  After finding the PFG I walked around the pond and noticed at least a dozen Canadas had metal bands on them.  When I have a chance I'll find out more about one I got the number of - maybe it will reveal where the PFG came from, assuming they migrated together.

At Massapequa Lake I saw a Rusty Blackbird in a tree...oddly enough I recently saw one a block away from my house about the day before.  In Massapequa Lake I noticed at least 20 Pintails, a Wood Duck, Ruddy Duck, lots of Coots and my FOS Scaup. 

Pink Footed Goose

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