Monday, November 14, 2016

Jones Beach, Bayville, Long Beach

I started at the Jones Beach WE 2 lot since I saw lots of Gannets over the ocean - I walked to the shoreline where I saw hundreds of Gannets streaming past sometimes diving into the water.  I did a bried "seawatch" hoping to find a pelagic type lifer  - didn't see any but was treated to a brief look at a whale breathing at the surface (spout thing).  I walked back through the swale looking for the Lapland Longspurs but could only see the Horned Larks. I did a good walk from the Coast Guard Station, the median and stopping at the inlet.  Not much going on, but did see tons of Dunlin, BB Plover, Oyestercatchers on the sandbar, a Fox Sparrow, and a Red Throated Loon on the inlet.

I drove up to Ransom Beach to see the reported female King Eider - I found another birder who said it took off heading east but I couldn't find it.  While looking for it I did see my FOS Horned Grebes and a late Seimipalmated Plover. A brief stop at Muttontown Preserve was non-productive except for a wren (Winter, I think)

I drove to the spot where the Ash Throated Flycatcher was (Long Beach before the giant hotel thing) and was treated to some good views.  A Coopers or Sharpie Hawk came down but the Flycatcher took cover long before it was near.  I tried finding a reported 1st year Glaucous Gull seen the day before but didn't see it.

I drove back to Jones Beach West End and found a Cooper's Hawk sitting at the outer turnaround

Ash Throated Flycatcher
Cooper's Hawk


  1. Is it possible that this is a juvenile Goshawk? Wondering about that because of the prominent white bar over the eye and on the greater coverts (as per Sibleys).

    1. hi, I'll doublecheck...raptors aren't my main area of expertise

    2. hi, I checked on a bird ID page on FB and everyone confirming Coopers