Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jones Beach

I drove down to Jones Beach just for the chance to see something from the car...there was a recent report of a Long Eared Owl so I figured was worth a shot.  On the way before Ocean Parkway, I saw 2 Snow Geese in the median.  
I met up with another birder who brought me to where the owl was - I could've got a better photo if I got closer but didn't want to disturb the owl.  Soon after, another birder pointed out he just saw a Short Eared Owl over the dunes - I saw a dark silhouette which he confirmed was the Short Ear - I sped over to the West End 2 lot - got good views of the Short Eared Owl - put on a good show - at one point it was tussling with a Northern Harrier - the Harrier got the heck outta there.

Two lifers within minutes - can't beat that.

Snow Geese, Canada Geese
Long Eared Owl
Short Eared Owl
Short Eared Owl (left), Northern Harrier (right)

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