Saturday, February 28, 2015

Massapequa Preserve - "the" Red Morph Screech Owl is back

I stopped by the preserve to try to find the recently reported Woodcock and Wilson's Snipe - even though I've seen Woodcocks at Bryant Park a few times, I thought it would be nice to see them at "my preserve".  I struck out on both but was surprised to see the original Red Morph Screech Owl in the original tree.  Just to make sure it wasn't the second "new" one,,,I went down by Brady Park and confirmed they were 2 different Red Morphs.

Also seen were a Winter Wren, Northern Pintail, Black Duck, Mallards, American Wigeons.  A Kingfisher was heard, but not seen.

Lots of Red Winged Blackbirds were actively singing in the reeds by the Walker Street lot, as well as Cardinals and Song Sparrows.  Hopefully that means Spring is on the way...

the "original" Red Morph Screech Owl

the "new" Red Morph Screech Owl

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