Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jones Beach West End: Royal Terns, Fall Migrants

I started the day at Green Island, Wantagh where I noticed some new arrival sparrow sp.  When I got to the Coast Guard Station it was low tide so I took a walk around Short Beach and onto the sandbar.  I got good views of the continuing Surf Scoter (supposedly has been there most of the summer), Black Scoters, Black Bellied Plover and Sanderlings, Great and Snowy Egrets.  Later in the day at high tide 5 Royal Terns landed and took a bath.

Songbirds included both Kinglets, lots of Yellow Rumped Warblers and Phoebes.  At West End 2 there were hundreds of Tree Swallows getting ready to migrate.  Other sightings include: a few Juncos and a Palm Warbler by the closed up concession stop/ restrooms, a Peregrine Falcon on the beach, Mallards with a probable Blue Winged Teal in the swale, and some unidentified ducks far off in the "reverse J pond".

I saw some random sparrows here and there - most were Song and Savanah - I'll have to go through my photos in case I found something less common.

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