Saturday, October 17, 2015

Jones Beach Coast Guard Station: JUST SPARROWS...Lark Sparrow and Vesper Sparrow

I sped down to the Coast Guard area since there was a report of a Chat and Lark Sparrow which would be great lifers for me - they have been reported recently in various areas.  There has been reports of Red Headed Woodpeckers also so would have been nice to get a better photo than the lifer I had at Muttontown Preserve last year.

I tried for the Chat but it never came out when I was there...I was able to see the Lark Sparrow - someone let me use their scope so I got a good look at it - what a beauty.  A nice surprise was a lifer Vesper Sparrow - I got a quick look at it before it disappeared (saw the white eye ring)  Yellow Rumped Warblers and sparrows were all over the place: White-Throated, Swamp, Song, Savannah, Chipping, White Crowned, Lincoln's, and Field (and House).  The Tree Swallows were still gathering and the large flock by the West End Swale was impressive.

The Brants have arrived in decent numbers - on the sandbar, there were a good numbers of Dunlin.

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