Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jones Beach, Hempstead Lake, Valley Stream, Heckscher State Parks: Black Throated Green Warbler

Started out at Jones Beach West End and the Coast Guard Station - besides expected shorebirds for May, 2 Short Billed Dowitchers, Common Yellowthroat, Towhees and Brown Thrashers, there wasn't much action.  I got a text from Rob P that Valley Stream had a good amount of my "nemesis bird" the Black Throated Green Warbler.  Not a lifer for me since I've briefly saw on last year but it always bothered me that I didn't get a great look at it.  When I arrived Rob P got me a Black Throated Green Warbler high up but I got good looks at it - it was actually then when I realized that I can take photos of birds high up that aren't just silhouettes if I use my manual setting.  Spent some time at Valley Stream and then checked out Hempstead Lake where I found some more Black Throated Greens on my own.  Between these 2 spots I also saw: Baltimore Orioles, Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Warbling Vireos, Solitary and Spotted Sandpipers, a great looking Indigo Bunting, House Wren, Ruby Crowned Kinglet, Great Crested Flycatcher, Northern Parula, Black Throated Blue, Yellow Rumped, Ovenbird, Magnolia (FOS), Yellow, Black and White, Prairie, Redstart, and heard a Blackpoll in the same spot where I saw one the day before.

I went to Heckscher Park because a Bobwhite was seen the day before - didn't find it.  Since I was in the area I stopped by Timber Point Marina and was pleasantly surprised to see about 12 Short Billed Dowitchers, breeding pluamge Dunlins as well as Willett and Yellowlegs.  On the way back, I checked out Captree Island where I saw Yellowlegs, Willett, and a group of about 20 something Glossy Ibis.

Black Throated Green
Black Throated Green
Prairie Warbler
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Tree Swallow
Short Billed Dowitchers
Glossy Ibis
Black Throated Blue

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