Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area, Hempstead Lake, Massapequa, Stillwell Woods

I decided to check out Oceanside if only to see a reported Tri-Colored Heron that had been reported for a few days of the ever-elusive Clapper Rails that are "rumored" to live there - I saw neither but did see a Saltmarsh Sparrow, Yellow Crowned Night Herons, Willets, Yellowlegs, Glossy Ibis, Semipalmated Plover, Least Sandpiper and my FOS Green Heron.

I heard there was a Black Billed Cuckoo at HLSP but I couldn't locate it - my consolation prizes were a great looking Indigo Bunting and Redstart.

Across the street from my house I heard and saw a Northern Parula and saw 2 Black and White Warblers.

There was a report of both cuckoos and about 15 Bobolinks at Stillwell Woods in Syosset - I went there later in the day and was able to find some Bobolinks - about 7 at least.  Also heard a few Wood Thrushes.

Saltmarsh Sparrow
Yellow Crowned Night Heron
Indigo Bunting
Northern Parula

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