Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prospect Park: Bicknell's Thrush

There were reports of a Bicknell's Thrush at the "peninsula" at Prsopect Park so I figured it was a good chance to get a hard to find lifer.  I went with my friend Mike and searched the area the bird was reported.  It was challenging trying to sort through the Grey Cheeked Thrushes that were also there but one bird in particular seemed to stand out.  We were able to confirm the bird was our target bird even though it didn't sing from a report of ebird from another birder who heard it sing.  We were able to match up our photos to his because of a "mark" under the bird's right eye - it has been suggested it might actually be a tick.

Along the way we saw 2 Canada Warblers, Magnolia Warblers, lots of Redstarts and Blackpolls, Monk Parakeets, and a lingering Ruddy Duck.  I got a good luck of a Wilson's Warbler.  We tried to find 2 reported Kentucky Warblers without success.  We intended to find a reported Mourning Warbler but didn't have time. 

I stopped by Jones Beach West End where I only found a Yellow Warbler and a House Finch with an orange-ish head.

Bicknell's Thrush
Ruddy Duck
House Finches

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